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Welcome to Tabtics

Tabtics is a Chrome extension that helps you improve on health & productivity by raising awareness through brief contextual tips. All is served on beautiful images every time you open up a new tab in your browser.

We’re using the Web a lot nowadays and for a lot of people, opening up new tabs is one of the things we do quite often. We should also acknowledge that more and more people have desk jobs and have a difficulty to stay healthy. With Tabtics we want you to get a little heads-up on your health and productivity everytime you open up a new tab. We help you quickly display stats from your wearable - if you like - and will also give you some tailored health & productivity tips or motivational quotes every now and then. All served on unique and beautiful backgrounds.

"Signed up for the private beta of Tabtics. Was really looking for some actionable and fun tips and tricks. I love to improve on my daily routine. The design is stellar as well!"

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